[TUTORIAL] Fishnet Brushes in Clip Studio Paint!

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I love bunnygirl outfits, and thus I love fishnet leggings. This tutorial will show you how to make fishnet textures, how to make fishnet brushes that have curvature to them, and a method I like to use to apply them via vector layers.

This tutorial is for Clip Studio Paint. If you want to download my fishnet brushes, you can get them from the Clip Studio Asset Library: https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1837646

The page also includes the tutorial on how to utilize brushes like this, which I also cover in this video. This works with any brushes you make via this method.

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0:00 Download my brushes
0:25 Make your own: making the tile
1:35 Making the brush tip
3:52 Making the brush
5:21 How I use these brushes

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Fishnet Stockings
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