Reinforced toe pantyhose feet.

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OyunMasasi 2 weeks ago:
Your videos getting shorter and shorter everytime. 15 sec intro, advertisements and texts.. and we have only 40 sec teaser. I call it bullshit. where is your long walks.

- I promised to do not only short videos. Please especially for you =)
ballontube 6 days ago:
Irene, your legs and feet are a dream !!!!!!! You made my day and you really made me hot. I love the part, when you take off the shoes an play with your feet. Please do more without shoes, it's much more erotic !!!!

- As you asked footwear is more open. And there is some footplay. Something between footfetish and shoeplay tags.
BigMikeZO6 6 days ago
...I love the black reinforced toe pantyhose!!!!...

- I hope nude color will be quite good too =)

Many thanks to all my followers. I will try to execute each your wish. Many kisses!!!
Stockings Suntan Pantyhose
Колготки, pantyhose, legs in pantyhose
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