video#Shorts Hooters girl reveals how they get their tights in viral TikTok video

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#Shorts Original news: A Hooters girl has gone viral for revealing where the iconic restaurant servers get the tights they wear under their shorts. TikTok user @kenzjee posted a video on the social media platform last month, saying: "So people always ask me about our tights machine and I have to buy tights today, so I guess I’ll just make a video about it." In the video, one of @kenzjee’s colleagues shows off a white dispenser in the bathroom, before the clip cuts to someone feeding a $5 bill into the machine. In the background, @kenzjee’s colleague can be heard saying: "Not them being $5," as @kenzjee pushes a button that says "Suntan B." The clip then shows a small pink box falling from the dispenser as @kenzjee says: "Just like that." She then briefly shows off the box in the bathroom mirror before the video ends. Since it was posted on Jan. 15, the clip has been viewed more than 4.6 million times. Commenters on the video had a lot of questions for @kenzjee, including a few people who asked why Hooters girls have to pay for their own tights, since employees are required to wear them. "Why do you have to pay for them if it is part of the uniform?" one person asked. "Cause in my opinion the boss should provide them for free…" In response, @kenzjee explained: "They have to sell tights thru a third party company because tights are considered "under garments" so they can’t provide them for us." Other commenters were confused by the tights options on the dispenser, which included "Suntan B," "Suntan C" and "Suntan D." Some people thought the letters indicated that the tights were different shades. A Hooters server recently revealed where restaurant employees get the tights for their uniforms in a now-viral TikTok video. (iStock) "Why Suntan B?" someone asked. "Different shades?" However, @kenzjee replied that the letters indicate "different lengths." In another comment, she explained that "b is the shortest, d is the longest." She also confirmed to another commenter that tights are a required part of the Hooters uniform. Fox News Digital reached out to Hooters for a comment on the company’s tights policy.
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